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David McKee is a carpenter by trade and a drummer by choice. Highly sought after and versatile, David is mostly self-taught. He attributes his versatility to “musical ADD” and the fact that he has spent so many years playing so many different types of music.

David cut his teeth as a kid in the North Haven Drum Corps. Since then, his musical career has spanned rock, funk, jazz and pop. In the early 1980’s, soon after he moved to Sonoma from Connecticut, David joined together with two other members of the current Plan Be band to form a jazz/rock band called Mosaic.

At the time, Sonoma wasn’t the varied musical scene it is now - the only place in town that had live music was La Casa “and our living rooms.” As Sonoma music evolved, David evolved along with it, playing more rock and funk with bands like the John Burdick band and Plan Be.

In 2014, David joined forces with the boys of Ten Foot Tone – Jon Williams, Gerard Sarafini and Michael Noel. These days, you can find David drumming with Ten Foot Tone, Plan Be, Backtrax, the John Burdick Band and The Rubber Soul Acoustic Beatles Experience. 

Jon Shannon Williams (lead vocalist, guitarist, song writer) Grew up in the small town of Glen Ellen California and began playing piano at the age of 5.

But it wasn't until 1999, after pursuing a career in acting, and attending ACT (American Conservatory Theatre) of San Francisco, that he transitioned his focus back to music by picking up the guitar and writing songs for the first time.

​This resulted in his first collaborative CD release with his original band, which gave birth to the contagious and riveting sounds of TEN FOOT TONE.

Gerard Serafini has been a bay area musician for over 30 years. He has played in multiple bands including The Web, Avalon and Roadside Prophets. Gerard is a self-taught player with Bass being his main instrument. He is also an accomplished guitar player and audio engineer. With his skills and experience he is a huge asset to Ten Foot Tone.

He is also a natural composer and arranger who can change songs on the fly and keep all players together to create a spontaneous musical experience. He feeds his soul by driving Jon Shannon Williams and Ten Foot Tones theatrically musical ship. He loves to play music with a message to be shared by all.

Michael Noel first held a guitar in his hands while growing up in San Francisco, California, at 7 years old. His passionate relationship with his instrument nears 50 years.

The first song that excited him about music was hearing Johnny Cash on the radio. He loved the way it sounded and he was taken by its words. In the 8th grade, Michael was given his first electric guitar and by the time he entered high school his self taught method was recognized by colleagues and he joined several garage bands.

​At 17 years old, he was approached by a reputable band performing mostly original tunes. It was that experience where he had his first taste of performing with skilled musicians. The somatic rush and excitement of playing in front of people, the thrill to be paid for his art and the significant exposure to original songs is what most inspires him to this day. Thus began his thirst for the musician life!

He continued his career playing in different bands and then moved to Sonoma, California. This is where Michael ran into Gerard Serafini, a Sonoma County musician, which took off and turned into a 30 year relationship of side by side musicianship. They began writing songs of their own and played in several different bands including the Web, Avalon and Roadside Prophet where Michael was the lead singer. The next area of exploration with Gerard was playing Acoustically. Gerard and Michael opened up a few times for Jon Williams and his band Driven, and this is where Michael and Gerard joined in with Jon and changed the name to Ten Foot Tone (TFT).

Michael loves the comradery of this band and is constantly inspired watching Jon’s spontaneous interactions and theatrical extravagance with the crowd when they perform their live gigs. Michael thrives on being a part of creativity with other musicians and delights when an audience enjoys the musical performance. He continues his passion to support original sound and music.

Jon Williams

Lead Vocals / Guitar

Drums / Percussion

Bass / Guitar

Lead Guitar / Bass

Dave McKee

Gerard Serafini

Michael Noel